In the middle of the historical centre of Sirmione, near the spa ...

The Location

L'Arcimboldo is right in the middle of Sirmione, close to the Aquaria spa. The restaurant sign hangs over the entrance to a shopping gallery and the restaurant door is at the far end.

With its variety of rooms, all in harmony but each with an identity of their own, L'Arcimboldo is a pleasant surprise. All the spaces are comfortably furnished with fine taste, witnessing the time over which the restaurant has been modified before arriving at its current structure. Each room represents a pieces of history and together they form a path leading to the lake from the Gallery.

In fact, L'Arcimboldo is composed of four inter-connected areas: the Gallery, the Veranda, the Garden and, last but not least, the Lake Fountain.

Every detail catching your attention is fruit of the wish to offer a unique memory: a piece of furniture, a plant, a flowering branch... care for the whole in search of beauty, with taste and elegance.